7 Creative Text Message Styles to Win Back Customers

July 17, 2023 Julio Romero

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7 Creative Text Message Styles to Win Back Customers

In a world inundated with social media posts and influencers, SMS is a richer way for stores to connect with their customers. With fewer distractions, shoppers are happy to engage with brands they love right from their phones.

Creative Text Message Styles to Win Back Customers

In fact, shoppers are 4.5x more likely to reply to an SMS than they are to an email. Since it takes most shoppers just 90 seconds to reply to a text, it’s the perfect medium for nurturing relationships with your shoppers.

Many brands use SMS just for verifying orders or for the occasional promotion. But you can use SMS for more—so much more. SMS can be a huge asset for re-engaging with customers as long as you think beyond boring logistics messages. The sky’s the limit: Expand your horizons with these seven creative text messages to win customers back.

1. Request a review for text message styles

Did a customer order a product and never engage with you again? Reignite the spark by asking them for a review:

“Did you like [product name]? Let us know what you think with a quick review. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Loving [brand name]? Share it with the world. Text STOP to opt out.”

“We want to hear from you! Drop us a line on Google Reviews.” Text STOP to opt out.

2. Ask for feedback for text message styles

Asking for feedback is different from asking for a review. While reviews are public, a feedback request is usually just for your internal use. This not only helps your shoppers feel like they have a voice, but it also saves you a ton of money on product research! You can request feedback with creative SMS messages like:

“We’re rolling out new prints! What do you want to see? A) Leopard B) Jungle C) Space. Text STOP to opt out.”

“What do you think about [brand name]? Take our 2-minute survey and we’ll enter you in a draw for a $50 gift card. Text STOP to opt out.”

“On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with [product name]? Text STOP to opt out.”

3. Celebrate your shoppers

Good marketing puts the focus on the shopper, not on your store or your products. When you create positive memories between your shoppers and your brand, they’re much more likely to engage with you. Use these creative SMS marketing messages to celebrate your shoppers:

“It’s your anniversary with [brand name]! Take 15% off your next order. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Happy Birthday! Here’s a free refill of [product name] on us. Text STOP to opt out.”

“It’s international waffle day! Take 50% off our waffle knit shirts today. Text STOP to opt out.”

Creative Text Message Styles to Win Back Customers

4. Host a contest

Did you know that some retailers bring in 34% of their customers just through contests? Everybody loves free stuff, and a contest is guaranteed to engage with silent shoppers. Send creative text messages promoting contests and giveaways to bring more customers into the fold:

“This is not a drill: Win $500 of free merch. Enter our giveaway now—it takes 5 seconds! Text STOP to opt out.”

“Giveaway alert! Enter to win a year’s supply of [product name] on us. Text STOP to opt out.”

“We’re on TikTok: The first 500 people to follow us will get an exclusive discount code. Text STOP to opt out.”

5. Offer limited-time, SMS-only deals

The more value you give to your SMS subscribers, the more likely it is that they’ll continue buying from your Shopify store. Keep shoppers on their toes with surprise sales just for your SMS subscribers. Limited-time or 24-hour flash sales are sure to encourage shoppers to visit your store:

“Just for you: Get 25% off all skincare products this week. Text STOP to opt out.

“Lightning sale! Take 50% off coffee makers tomorrow only. Text STOP to opt out.

“Don’t miss out on our crazy sale today: All prints are 80% off until 12 p.m. EST. Text STOP to opt out.”

6. Ask for referrals

This creative text message strategy is a one-two punch of ROI: It re-engages with existing customers and connects you with new shoppers. Invite existing customers to join your VIP or referral program to score steep discounts. As long as you give them an incentive to spread the word, you can deepen relationships with existing shoppers and find more customers in the process. Try messages like:

“Like what you see? Tell your friends about [brand name] to earn free products. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Join our VIP program and earn $10 for every friend you bring on board. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Want free stuff? Refer [brand name] and earn free points with every purchase. Text STOP to opt out.”

7. Abandoned cart reminders

Did a customer add an item to their cart and then leave your site? That’s frustrating, but it’s incredibly common: Nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. The good news is that creative text messages can gently nudge shoppers to close the deal:

“Forget something? Finish checking out your cart and we’ll throw in free 2-day shipping. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Hey, we think you’ll like this. Check out in the next 15 minutes and take 10% off your cart.” Text STOP to opt out.

“[product name] is waiting for you. Check out now.” Text STOP to opt out.

Go for creative SMS marketing campaigns

We don’t have anything against email blasts, but SMS marketing in Shopify is a much more personal way to grow your online store. Get shoppers’ attention with messages that pique their interest and bring them back to your store. These seven creative text messages will put you on the right path, but don’t be afraid to try other out-of-the-box ideas: SMS is a tool that rewards imaginative brands.

But we know it’s tough sending these messages, especially if you have a large SMS list. Winback helps Shopify store owners send creative messages that deepen relationships with their shoppers. Sign up for a free trial to see the difference.

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