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Ocha and Co.


Love this app! Winback and Abandon Cart have generated close to $250,000 in extra revenue in 10 months. They quietly do their thing in the background, when you look at the data you realize how effective it is.

The Slay Brand


This app is great ! I’ve made 500 additional orders with winback. My business has grown so much with this app.

The Blissful Gem


I Love this app! 15+ sales in the early stages and I’m just getting started. I had a lot of questions and WinBack helped answer all quickly and provided guidance on how to increase sells. They went above and beyond and helped me until I succeeded. Get this app!

The Blissful Gem rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.

Ari’s Craft Box


This app is amazing for winning back customers, gathering reviews, and sending out SMS campaigns. Joe is a great help, sending custom videos of suggestions to help bring back more customers and increasing sales. Would definitely recommend this app.

Ari’s Craft Box rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.



SMS is so much b or retargeting. Night and day difference. The app respects customers “awake hours”. The default settings and default messages are also very respectful and effective. I’ve installed this app on all my stores. Super easy and quick.

iPlay rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.

Lil Me Threads


The app is amazing. Very simple in use with great results! Joe is a great person and very helpful! He sent me video recommendations to help me improve the performance even more! Support is great! He replies on emails, even on weekends! Definitely recommended! —Nick

Lil Me Threads rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.

Booty Scrunch Mami


Amazing App! Definitely going to be investing more in this app than emails. I am a small biz and since September I’ve made over $7,000 (close to $8,000!) in reclaimed sales from this app alone! Winback is seriously the best investment and has paid for itself a thousand times over.

Booty Scrunch Mami rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.

Acoustic Vibes Music


I have seen lots of reclaimed sales from abandoned carts. I had no idea how much revenue was lost due to this! We saw an increase of over 15% in sales in the first month and the second month is on track to do the same! It’s a great system and I Highly recommend it!

Acoustic Vibes Music rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.

Jaded Lux Boutique


This app is awesome and a great addition to my shop. I get to respond to follow up texts from my customers and hear what they have to say about their purchases. Joe is also very reachable and has been a great help!

Jaded Lux Boutique rated Winback 5 stars on Shopify.