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50 Monthly SMS

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Starter tier

1,000 Monthly SMS

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Ramp tier

3,500 Monthly SMS

Everything in Started tier plus:

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Growth tier

12,500 Monthly SMS

Everything in Ramp tier plus:

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Need more than 250K SMS per month contact us for a custom quote:
international & MMS rates vary by country


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send internationally?
Yes of course, but international rates vary significantly by country. Please contact us for the
latest pricing at
Am I “locked” into a Winback contract?
No, you may cancel at anytime. Our service is month to month.
What happens if I need to go over my SMS quota?
You can choose to upgrade your tier, or buy extra one-off SMS credits.
What if I have no idea how to property do SMS marketing?
Our executive team loves being hands on and helping you learn the ropes. We would be happy to step
you through it through a zoom or loom.
What kind of results can I expect?
I´d say mind-blowing but I don´t want to set expectations TOO high. Typically we see at least 35x
back, meaning for every dollar you spend on sms you will get
$35 in recovered revenue. Some stores get up to 350x, so
it really depends on you setup your account.
What makes you guys any different from other SMS companies?
Always a fair question. To be honest, we believe in KISS (keep it simple stupid). Our interface
isn´t overloaded with unnecessary and complicated features.
It´s simple, straighforward and easy to understand and
use. Plus you get the founder helping out every step of the way.
Do you offer yearly plans?
Yes, please contact us for a special yearly discount,
Are there any limitations on the free trial?
Yes, to prevent abuse/spam, the Campaigns feature is disabled. We´ve had some jokers try to take
advantage of our good will so this was a necessary precaution.


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