Unleash Your Sales Potential

Unleash Your Sales Potential



Up to 10,000 Subscribers

Winback Icon Checkmark 3,500 Free Monthly SMS

Winback Icon Checkmark Pre-Built SMS Automations

Winback Icon Checkmark Hyper-Segmented Campaigns

Winback Icon Checkmark Onboarding Specialist

Winback Icon Checkmark Customer Success Manager

Winback Icon Checkmark Monthly SMS Strategy Sessions



SMS Team

Unlimited Subscribers

Everything in Starter tier plus:

Winback Icon Checkmark 12,500 Free Monthly SMS

Winback Icon Checkmark Dedicated SMS Strategist

Winback Icon Checkmark Expert SMS Copywriter

Winback Icon Checkmark Prioritary Engineering Support


Growth Team

Full-Marketing Service

Everything in SMS Team tier plus:

Winback Icon Checkmark 35,000 Free Monthly SMS

Winback Icon Checkmark Digital Marketing Strategist

Winback Icon Checkmark Dedicated Ad Specialist

Winback Icon Checkmark Analytics Specialist

Winback Icon Checkmark Expert Ad Copywriter

Note: International & MMS rates vary by country.


SMS Strategy Sessions & Campaign Services

Too busy to get hands-on? Let our expert team optimize your SMS game for maximum revenue recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send internationally?
Absolutely! We offer international SMS services. However, rates vary by country. Please reach out to us at support@getwinback.com for the latest pricing information.
Am I “locked” into a Winback contract?
No, you’re not. Winback’s services are flexible with month-to-month agreements. You can cancel at any time without any penalty.
What happens if I need to go over my SMS quota?
If you exceed your SMS quota, you can either upgrade to the next tier or purchase additional one-off SMS credits. We are here to accommodate your business’s evolving needs.
I’m new to SMS marketing. Will I receive any assistance?
Absolutely! Every Winback plan includes access to an Onboarding Specialist and Customer Success Manager. They will help you understand the ropes and optimize your SMS marketing strategy.
What kind of results can I expect?
Our clients typically experience at least a 35x return on their investment. This means for every dollar you spend on SMS marketing, you can expect to see $35 in recovered revenue. However, the results can vary and some stores achieve up to a 350x return depending on their strategy and execution.
What makes you guys any different from other SMS companies?
Always a fair question. To be honest, we believe in KISS (keep it simple stupid). Our interface isn’t overloaded with unnecessary and complicated features. It’s simple, straighforward and easy to understand and use. Plus, we offer comprehensive support – from a dedicated SMS strategist to an on-call engineering team.
Do you offer yearly plans?
Yes, we do offer yearly plans. Please contact us at help@getwinback.com for information on special discounts for annual subscriptions.


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