How To Increase Sales On Shopify: Tips to Kick Off Your Online Selling

November 25, 2022 Julio Romero

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How To Increase Sales On Shopify: Tips to Kick Off Your Online Selling

Winback Team on Jun 7, 2021 3:21:03 PM

Building a Shopify store can be easy enough for a normal person with zero programming knowledge to launch it from scratch. Or it can be complicated enough to rope in 10 Shopify developers for completing the project on time. The same applies to selling on your Shopify store. You can contact a few friends and acquaintances to share a couple of posts on their social media to draw attention. But, you might also need to integrate CRM and marketing automation tools to drive outreach efforts on a myriad of platforms, including social media, search engine ads, video sharing apps like YouTube.

This also includes communication channels like emails, messenger chats, VoIP, and even video conferencing tools. Kickstarting your online selling journey is quite simple, but things can get clumsy when it comes to increasing Shopify sales. If you are willing to boost your eCommerce store’s revenue, I have got some time-tested tips that can provide you a decent success rate without costing you an arm and a leg. Let’s get started.

Understand Your Positioning In The Market

First things first- As a Shopify store owner, you need to understand your USPs and where you stand in the market. This includes your pricing as well. You need to analyze if you’re overpriced or underpriced with respect to your competitors and if additional costs like shipping charges could be bothersome for your leads. This is especially needed given the fact that the eCommerce horizon is expanding rapidly:

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Your customer network also plays a huge role in developing your Shopify store’s promotion strategy. If you have a tiny number of patrons that purchase from you regularly, discount offers won’t bring much to the table. It may backfire and undercut your revenue instead. The tips I will share below are focused on eCommerce stores that don’t have a wide customer base. Nonetheless, these tactics are equally beneficial to bigger stores. Just keep your promotional offers in line with your market positioning and keep them relevant to your target audience. You can display the details of such offers on your web store for confirmation (of your traffic), but that’s not a standalone way to drive sales, of course.

Jump Start Your Ecommerce Store’s Email Marketing & SMS Marketing Efforts

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The first thing you need to do to increase your Shopify store’s sales is building an email list and start email marketing. This is a non-compromisable aspect since emails are long known as the bread and butter for eCommerce businesses. For list building, make it easy for your existing visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. You can also start a blog to attract good quality traffic and offer gated resources. It may feel burdening but use double opt-in forms to provide you with better quality leads and legal immunity if something goes wrong.

Your email template stack should contain welcome emails, newsletters, promotional messages, cart abandonment messages, and transactional emails. Fine-tune your automation workflows to interweave personalization and segmentation right from the beginning. Don’t try to go overboard and include interactive emails at the beginning of your email marketing journey but try to stay relevant to your subscribers. Find the ideal send times and frequency for your mailing list and run email marketing at top priority. It’s the best tool in terms of ROI (4400%), and you should definitely use it to your advantage. It’s also used as a primary correspondence channel by people in general, so it’s necessary to be proficient in utilizing them.

It is also crucial that you leverage SMS marketing along with email marketing, as it can do wonders for your Shopify store, especially in recovering abandoned carts. After all, SMS outclasses email marketing in open rates, with a 98% open rate, whereas emails have an open rate between 15%-25%. In fact, 90% of people receiving SMSes read them within 3 minutes of delivery. That is why SMS marketing is a must for any Shopify store that wants to increase sales. It can help you recover abandoned carts, which is a major headache for online store owners. Thus, SMS marketing can prove to be a game-changer for your online store.

WinBack is a leader in SMS marketing and it offers multiple cost-effective plans to online store owners. With Win Back’s SMS marketing setup and plans, you can recover up to 34% of abandoned carts. Also, WinBack’s customers get over 35X ROI on every dollar they spend on WinBack’s plans. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us through the chat option available on our website or you can drop us an email.

Leverage Social Selling For Boosting Your Shopify Store’s Bottomline

Integrating your Shopify store with social media is another time-tested way to grow your business. You might have stumbled over articles pointing to the fact that all social media platforms try to keep their users constantly engaged with their respective apps and maximize the number of purchases made from their platform. You should make full use of their strategy and create a social selling strategy. All your products should be available for purchase on leading social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok. You should publish content targeted towards their users, but it would be best if you also run paid advertisements.

Combining shoppable videos and paid ads can be one of the best ways to increase your odds of making a sale. However, you will need to integrate multiple payment gateways since social media users may have diverse preferences when it comes to payment methods. This could be a make-or-break aspect so pay enough attention to it. Next, you need to integrate social selling channels with your store backend to ensure that product availability and other operations-related portions are taken care of.

Run Search Engine Marketing Ads

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Here’s everyone’s favorite: Running paid search engine marketing ads for instantly boosting your Shopify store’s visibility. But before you start drooling over the idea of quick success, understand that it too requires you to plot a well-researched strategy. You need to identify your target audience, keywords that are used to search the products, their location, and any specific time of year when the demand surges. You will also need to set up a Google Ads account for your Shopify store.

When running SEM ads, you can integrate it with your store to run ads only for the products available on your eCommerce store to minimize the cases of back-ordering and to oversell. Also, your keyword buckets should be targeted towards different search intents to give you optimal synchronization with your product-market fit. I recommend you go for long-tail keywords only because they have greater chances of bringing quality leads while offering a greater conversion ratio. For example, a search query titled “best paratrooper shoes for men under $xxx” has higher lead quality than “shoes for men.”

Use Affiliate Programs

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Another easy way to drive revenue is running an affiliate program for your Shopify store. Affiliate marketers can provide a significant boost due to their existing reach, and they can very well replicate the results of having an engaged audience of people who know you. As you don’t need to make any upfront payment for affiliate marketing, it can be lucrative for new stores.

However, it is necessary for you to educate the affiliate marketers thoroughly regarding your product. This helps them sell better and saves you from any unforeseen issues. ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale are among the best places where you can find affiliate marketers for your Shopify store. I recommend inking a proper proposal that includes deliverables and payout details for safeguarding mutual interests.

Try (Nano) Influencer Marketing

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A doppelganger of affiliate marketing, influencer marketing is something you should definitely explore for your eCommerce business. But we’re not talking about celebrities (they’re either irrelevant and out of budget for most online stores!) You should look for nano influencers that can promote your products. A nano influencer can provide you with the right exposure as they have a very targeted audience with personal interactions adding to their trustworthiness. Also, their content is limited to a niche, unlike celebrities who have something to say on almost everything without having a decisive take on probably nothing.

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Nano influencers are also budget-friendly, and they can prove to be a great asset to your marketing strategy. You will need to provide them with dedicated affiliate links to track their performance and process their commissions. In this case, too, integrating your Shopify store’s backend with marketing tools becomes necessary to streamline the selling process.

Wrap Up

To increase your Shopify store’s sales, you will need to automate each and every aspect. Right from marketing to order processing, every portion of your business should be automated, and the free flow of information should be facilitated. This is due to the fact that scalability plays an important factor in the success of your eCommerce website. Leverage marketing automation tools, CRM, and eCommerce automation tools as they will allow you to focus on core business processes instead of getting overwhelmed by operations. To automate your SMS marketing, you can check out cost-effective plans from Win Back. Having delivered impressive results for scores of clients, WinBack has the go-to SMS marketing setup service for Shopify stores globally.

It’s not necessary to be active on every platform out there as it will result in burning your cash without giving you any tangible benefits. Focus on improving your presence at existing avenues and be mindful of lead qualification. This way, you will be able to make well-targeted efforts with proper feedback. The simple mantra for success in eCommerce is to automate as much as you can and provide a surreal purchase experience. This will help boost repeat business and also bring referral clients. We hope that this article helps you increase your Shopify store’s sales in 2021 and beyond.

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