Crafting a Post-Purchase Message on Shopify Thank You Page

November 11, 2022 Julio Romero

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Crafting a Post-Purchase Message on Shopify Thank You Page

Mara Lam on Oct 19, 2021 2:27:17 PM

You’ve done the hard work of attracting shoppers and convincing them to buy your products. The great news is that this doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with a buyer. Many Shopify stores overlook it, but your Shopify thank you page is the perfect place to optimize for post-purchase messaging.

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Sure, Shopify provides a thank you confirmation page as the standard on all shops, but you have the ability to customize this page to your liking. With a few small changes, you can customize your Shopify thank you page to make more sales with less effort.

Overcoming abandoned carts is a huge effort by itself, but if you want to improve your customer lifetime value (LTV), you need to understand consumer post-purchase behavior. Learn how the Shopify thank you page works and how to use it to increase revenue.

How does the Shopify thank you page work?

Shopify displays a default confirmation page after a customer completes an order. Depending on your shop’s theme, your customers will see a short thank you message with details confirming their order. This is okay, but there isn’t a lot of information here—and it certainly doesn’t compel shoppers to learn more about your store.

Fortunately, Shopify allows you to customize your store’s thank you page as you see fit. You can adjust your thank you page in your Shopify checkout settings or by directly editing your store’s theme.

This requires a little bit of work up front, but when you customize your Shopify thank you page with solid post-purchase messaging, you can:

  • Increase shopper engagementWant more conversions in your store? The thank you page gives shoppers more opportunities to engage with your brand. It doesn’t cost you anything, so why not get a little more engagement for $0?
  • Sell while you sleepDid you know that upselling boosts your revenue by 10 to 30%? You can automatically sell more with post-purchase messages on your thank you page. Instead of hustling to make more sales, you can sell more products for a little upfront effort.
  • Save moneyUpselling to existing customers is 68% less costly than acquiring new customers. It’s much cheaper to customize your Shopify thank you page than it is to spend hundreds of dollars chasing down potential shoppers.

3 tips for Shopify post-purchase messaging

Frankly, if you don’t customize your shop, you’re wasting valuable space that could be used to make more sales. Out of the box, Shopify’s thank you pages are too transactional. You want to build relationships with shoppers—to do that, you’ll need to customize your thank you page with personalized content that catches buyers’ attention.

Not sure how to customize your Shopify thank you page? These three tips will put you in sync with shoppers’ post-purchase behavior so you can make more sales while you sleep.

1. Use shoppers’ names

In eCommerce, a little personalization goes a long way. Customers are 75% more likely to buy an upsell from you if you address them by name. This can be as simple as dropping in a tag to display the customer’s name on your thank you page.

2. Upsell and cross-sell

It’s much easier to upsell and cross-sell to people who have already bought something from your store. Use your thank you page to display items or services related to a customer’s purchase. If you have a small number of items in your shop, you can drop this into the code of your thank you page, but if you want to customize the suggestions based on what customers buy, try a Shopify app like Cross Sell & Cart Upsell.

3. Incentivize customers to keep shopping

A thank you page doesn’t have to mark the end of the relationship. You can add juicy offers to your thank you page to incentivize customers to keep engaging with you, whether that’s in the form of:

  • Discounts
    If you’re cross-selling and customers aren’t biting, offer them a discount. A 30% discount will likely persuade more customers to pull the trigger.
  • Time-bound special offers
    You can make your cross-sells and discounts more enticing by making them time-bound. Offers like, “Get a 40% discount if you buy in the next 10 minutes” may sound a little cheesy, but they work.
  • Referrals
    Reward loyal shoppers with a referral program that gives them and their friends a discount. Upon checkout, automatically generate a referral link for each shopper. Shoppers can then use that link to promote your shop and score freebies or discounts for their hard work—it’s a win for everyone.
  • Tracking information
    You can entice shoppers to visit the thank you page over and over again by providing tracking updates there. If you sprinkle a few cross-sells and special offers on the thank you page, they’ll see this messaging repeatedly, which can persuade more people to buy.

Post-purchase messaging brings in more sales

Personalized thank you pages make Shopify less transactional and more human. When you use shoppers’ names, offer relevant upsells, and incentivize them to keep shopping, you’ll grow your Shopify store while you sleep. You don’t have to dedicate hours of your day to post-purchase messages either: Once you set it up, you’re good for a long time.

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