5 Automated Text Message Examples for Shopify Stores

November 11, 2022 Julio Romero

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5 Automated Text Message Examples for Shopify Stores

Mara Lam on Sep 16, 2021 8:01:16 AM

Want to scale your Shopify business? Automation is the key. But when you invest in automation, you have to make sure you show your personality while giving shoppers exactly what they need. After all, who wants to receive a generic SMS without any pizzazz?

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Your Shopify site is already busy fulfilling eCommerce sales, so invest in automated SMS to give yourself some much-needed breathing room. Automated text messages are a great way to give your customers the always-on communication they expect—without overwhelming your small team.

If you aren’t sure what automated text messages look like in eCommerce, we’ve got you covered. Try these five automated text message templates to start your SMS journey on the right foot.

The How and Why of Automated Text Messages

Instead of spending hours sending manual messages to each customer, an automated text message system does all the work for you. You can set specific triggers to fire off particular messages depending on the situation. For example, you can send a welcome SMS with a discount code when a customer subscribes to your marketing list. You can also add more complex triggers based on weather, the time of day, and shopper behavior.

Whether you run a simple Shopify store or you have plans to take the eCommerce world by storm, automated text messages will help you:

  • Reassure shoppers: 82% of shoppers expect immediate responses from brands. Automated SMS messages help you give shoppers the immediate communication they expect.
  • Save time: The best thing about automated text messages is that they happen at scale. Instead of spending all day firing off messages as needed, SMS automation frees up your time so you can focus on fulfilling orders.
  • Deepen relationships: A shopper’s first purchase is just the beginning of your relationship. If you want to build a loyal clientele, you need to build trust. Automated text messages help you deepen relationships by telling shoppers what to do next. Ask for reviews, invite them to your VIP club, or set up a referral program—the sky’s the limit with the right software on your side.

5 Automated Text Message Examples

While you’re free to use automated text messages for order updates, there are so many creative ways to use an SMS platform. Check out these five examples of automated text messages to kick off your own SMS campaigns.

1. Welcome messages

A welcome text message is the perfect way to make shoppers feel like part of your community. It’s also the best way to manage shopper expectations and set the tone for your entire relationship with them—no pressure. Try these welcome SMS messages to greet every subscriber with a friendly touch:

“Welcome to the family! Score sweet discounts, be the first to access our online-only sales, and earn rewards. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Hey [Customer Name]! Welcome to [Store Name]’s SMS list. To show our appreciation, take 10% off your next order with the code WELCOME10. Text STOP to opt out.”

“You’re in! Thanks for shopping with [Store Name]. Join our Facebook group for insider access. Text STOP to opt out.”

2. Thank you messages

It might sound unnecessary, but you should always thank your shoppers. Gratitude is a great way to deepen your relationships with customers, but it also serves a practical purpose: thank you messages confirm that you’ve received a customer’s order. Try these quick thank you messages to deepen shopper relationships:

“Thanks for your order! Our team is packaging your items right now. Text STOP to opt out.”

Thanks for buying from our small business! We appreciate your support. Text STOP to opt out.”

We received your order! You’ve helped us raise $5 for [Charity] with your purchase. Thank you for helping us do work that matters. Text STOP to opt out.”

3. Marketing or promotional messages

Are you having a big sale next week? Get your SMS list fired up about it! Automated text messages can encourage more shoppers to build a buzz around your next sale. Touch base with your subscribers two to three times reminding them about a sale before the big day. Try these messages to get started:

“We’ve got a sweet deal just for you. Take 15% off all sunglasses next Wednesday with code HUMPDAY. Text STOP to opt out.”
“Want a free month of Netflix? Buy a leather handbag and get a subscription on us with your order. Text STOP to opt out.”
“Don’t miss this deal! Get 20% off organic soap refills tomorrow. Text STOP to opt out.”

4. Customer support texts

48% of customers say that SMS is their preferred channel for chatting with brands. Feel free to send emails to your shoppers, but if you really want to get their attention, SMS is where it’s at. Use these automated text message templates to let shoppers know you’re here to help:

“Hey [Customer Name]! Are you enjoying [Product Name]? We’d love to hear what you think. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Heads up: Our Shopify store is down today. To say we’re sorry, take 10% off your next order with code OOPS. Text STOP to opt out.”

“We’re sorry to hear [Product Name] didn’t work out! We’d love to make things right by offering 25% off your next order with code CARE25. Text STOP to opt out.”

5. Logistics

Whether it’s tracking information, review requests, or order updates, you can use automated text messages to keep your shoppers in the loop. Connect your texting platform with Shopify to automate logistics messages like:

“Welcome to our family! Please reply Y to confirm your opt-in. Text STOP to opt out.”

“Your order is on the way! It should arrive by Friday. Track your order history here. Text STOP to opt out.”

“How was [Product Name]? Let us know what you think by submitting a review—it only takes 20 seconds. Text STOP to opt out.”

Get more out of your SMS marketing with Winback

Automation makes it a cinch to run a profitable, shopper-centric Shopify store. From marketing to logistics to customer relationships, automated text messages save you more time while giving shoppers a better experience. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

A text message marketing tool like Winback makes it a breeze to communicate with shoppers at scale. Sign up for a free trial now to give it a test drive.

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