The 8 Best Shopify SMS Marketing Apps for 2022

November 7, 2022 Julio Romero

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The 8 Best Shopify SMS Marketing Apps for 2022

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While there are many strategies you can use to market your Shopify store, SMS marketing is a powerful tool that when added to your marketing arsenal, can help deliver amazing results including more sales and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to Shopify SMS marketing apps, users are spoilt for choice. This can make it tough to choose the best SMS marketing app for your business.

To help make this process easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 Shopify SMS marketing apps, breaking down their features and pricing, so that you can decide which text marketing tool you’d like to use for your store.

Before we look at the list of the best SMS marketing apps, let’s first find out what exactly SMS marketing is and what benefits it offers.

Let’s jump in!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is when you send SMS messages to share promotional campaigns with your customers to market your business. It’s also known as text message marketing, with SMS marketing, customers can opt-in to receive updates about sales, promotions, and orders via SMS.

SMS Marketing Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using SMS marketing as part of your marketing strategy. These include:

How to Choose The Best Shopify SMS Marketing Tools

A good SMS marketing strategy doesn’t annoy your customers, instead, it brings them value. This is easy to achieve with the right SMS marketing tools that have features like advanced segmentation to ensure you speak to the right customers at the right time.

There are a variety of features that to look out for when choosing the best SMS marketing apps. These include:

  • A native Shopify app
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Personalization
  • List growth tools
  • Two-way conversations
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated customer support


Top Shopify SMS Marketing Tools

  1. Winback
  2. SMSBump
  3. Postscript
  4. LiveRecover
  5. TxtFi
  6. Cartloop
  7. Messent
  8. Tobi


1. Winback

Winbackis an SMS marketing app to help your Shopify store generate more revenue through features such as abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase upsell, and automated SMS campaigns.

It also promises a 35x return on investment (ROI) thanks to its proactive list cleaning and account reviews. With international support and a one-click install process, Winback is the best SMS marketing app for Shopify stores looking to maximize their revenue.

Key Features:

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Shipping Notifications
  • Two-way communication
  • Post-Purchase Upsell SMS
  • Browser Abandonment SMS
  • SMS short code support
  • SMS/MMS Campaigns
  • SMS Responses via email Or from within the (mobile-friendly) Shopify app
  • International SMS – ALL countries are supported
  • 24/7 live chat support


Winback offers a free plan that comes with 50 credits and access to all features, but for $59 per month, you get 3500 credits to use for your SMS marketing campaigns.

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2. SMSBump

SMSBump is an SMS marketing and automation app. It supports both MMS and SMS campaigns and integrates with all major Shopify apps for reviews, UGC, loyalty, ESPs, subscription services, help desks, and more.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant app takes only 5 minutes to install and enables your Shopify store to run SMS automation such as abandoned cart recovery and customer reactivation, A/B test your SMS messages, and build your own custom flows.

Key Features:

  • Support and tracking of discount codes
  • SMS campaign scheduling
  • Opt-out lists
  • Shopify POS support
  • Time-based campaigns
  • Country restrictions
  • Max cost per text message
  • Analytics


SMSBump is free to install with text messages starting from $0.0149 for US text messaging, however, features are limited. For access to more premier features such as advanced analytics, you’ll need to sign up for one of their paid plans which start at $19 per month.

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3. Postscript

Postscript is an SMS marketing app for your Shopify store that helps you capture your customer’s phone numbers compliantly, use historical Shopify data to build targeted SMS campaigns, engage in two-way conversations with your customers, driving sales for your store.

With Postscript, you can automate your text marketing, create segments using your Shopify store data, and track the revenue & ROI of your SMS marketing campaigns. It also integrates with a variety of other apps including support apps, customer retention tools, email marketing, web push apps, social proof tools, popups, billing, and more.

Key Features:

  • SMS marketing campaigns & automation
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Subscriber acquisition tools
  • Unique toll-free number
  • Customizable opt-in tools


Postscript is free to install and includes $1,000 usage credit during your first 30 days. This gives you access to campaigns and automations, segmentation, subscriber acquisition tools, and a unique toll-free number. For access to more advanced features, such as live chat and email support and unlimited opt-in keywords, you’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription which starts at $100 per month.

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4. LiveRecover


LiveRecover uses human-powered SMS marketing messages to convert customers that abandoned carts into sales. Using live SMS conversations with customers, LiveRecover creates opportunities for upselling, answering questions, and generating more sales.

Additionally, LiveRecover’s interactive features help you get insights into your customers as you gain lost revenue. It also has integrations with a variety of Shopify apps such as CartHook, One Click Upsell by Zipify aka OCU, Gorgias, ReCharge Subscription, and Bold Subscription.

Key Features:

  • Live Agents
  • Unique Discount Codes
  • Cart Segmentation


LiveRecover is free to install and includes access to live agents, however, it takes 20% of recovered revenue. For access to features such as unique discount codes and a custom cart URL, you’ll need to sign up for its paid plans which start at $49 per month along with 10% of all revenue generated by LiveRecover.

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5. TxtFi

TxtFi uses automated text messages to remind your customers to re-order from your store. Your customers can then create their orders and add items to their cart in the conversation.

Once complete, TxtFi generates a link that takes them directly to your Shopify checkout page. All they need to do is complete the payment.

This makes it easy for you to let your customers order where and how they feel more comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Customer initiated orderering; allow your customers to text in to order any item.
  • New order welcome SMS
  • Fully Automated
  • Automatically check in with unresponsive customers
  • Multiple Products Support
  • Targeted Messages
  • Easy Checkout


TxtFi is free to install with messages charged at $0.05. The free plan includes $10 in messaging credits but is limited to 500 conversations per month. Paid plans start at $49 per month, and offer rates of between $0.03-$0.07 per message. For access to advanced features such as customer-initiated ordering and its Gorgias integration, you’ll need to sign up for the Platinum plan for $299 per month.

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6. Cartloop

Cartloop’s concierge team connects with your customers in real-time, answering shipping questions, helping them find the right products and closing sales with personal attention. Its services help you increase customer lifetime value, build customer loyalty, keep your audience attentive, boost conversion rate, reduce abandoned carts and recover abandoned carts live.

Additional features include pop-ups for collecting SMS and email subscribers, integrations with Shopify apps like Gorgias, Zendesk, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Zipify, Carthook, and 24/7 support.

Key Features:

  • Cart abandonment flows
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Pop-ups to grow your lists
  • Pre/post-purchase SMS support
  • Cart abandonment insights
  • Segmentation
  • Two-way SMS conversations
  • Unique discount codes
  • Custom short links


Cartloop offers a 14-day free trial, however, to use this SMS marketing app’s features on a continual basis you’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription which starts at $99 per month. For more advanced features such as 1:1 Slack support and a dedicated account manager, you’ll need to pay $299 per month.

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7. Messent

With Messent, eCommerce businesses can improve their website conversions, grow their email & SMS lists, and drive more sales. Featuring smart scheduling to ensure you never disturb your customers, segmentation, automations, Messent is perfect for small-scale stores looking to increase their audience and conversion rate.

It includes several essential marketing flows such as abandoned cart recovery, review requests, win-back follow-up, and more. Other features include A/B testing, contact management, and competitive SMS rates.

Key Features:

  • Smart scheduling
  • Link shortening
  • Discount codes
  • Campaign automation
  • Contact management
  • Segmentation


Messent is free to install and offers competitive rates for its SMS messages.

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8. Tobi

Tobi helps drive more traffic to your online store and increase your sales. Using text messages it sends customers promotional offers, order updates, and reminders if they abandon cart. It also is a powerful SMS remarketing tool that you can use to cross-sell or upsell other products to your customers.

Tobi tracks customer behavior, so you can send messages when the customer is most likely to take action. It also gives you access to reports, such as the number of orders, customer spend, customer location, and more.

Key Features:

  • Abandoned cart SMS text messages
  • Abandonment protector text alert
  • Promotional SMS messages
  • Win Back customer SMS messages
  • Order receipt through SMS text message
  • Order delivery updates through SMS messages
  • Discount code text marketing
  • Ask for review SMS
  • Reward new customers SMS


Tobi offers a free plan which includes 100 free SMS messages, with further messages charged per message. For reduced SMS rates you’ll need to subscribe to its Pro plan for $29 per month, however, it does include 300 free SMS messages.

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Wrap Up

That’s it for our list of the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify. Now that you have an overview of the different options, choosing the right SMS marketing platform for your store should be easy.

Remember that the best SMS marketing apps support a variety of SMS campaigns such as abandoned cart recovery, help you grow your SMS subscriber list, can send transactional messages, and offers deep segmentation.

While you could try the other options listed here, Winback offers all of the above. Sign up for your free trial today.*

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