How to Track Your SMS Campaign’s Performance

October 30, 2022 Julio Romero

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How to Track Your SMS Campaign’s Performance

Mara Lam on Nov 22, 2021 1:56:00 PM

Knowing how to do an SMS campaign can revolutionize your business significantly. This is because SMS marketing is a cost-effective, compelling way to reach out to customers. It helps brands engage customers with real human conversations, understand reasons for churn, and achieve higher ROI, among other benefits.

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to boost engagement and increase customer retention. According to Tech Jury, SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email’s 20%. Gartner predicts that 80% of customer service organizations will switch from native mobile apps to messaging to deliver a better customer experience.

What is an SMS marketing campaign?

SMS marketing is a means of business marketing that involves delivering messages to customers via mass text messaging. SMS marketing is closely related to email marketing. With SMS marketing campaigns, you use text messaging, while in email marketing campaigns, you use email messages.

SMS marketing campaigns are an effective way to improve brand outreach. With a well-executed SMS marketing campaign, you can engage customers seamlessly, notifying them of product launches, promotions, and sales. Read on to understand how to track your SMS campaign’s performance!

How to track your SMS campaign performance

There are various ways on how to track your SMS campaign’s performance. We’ll go through a few below.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides, by far, the best way to gain visibility into your web activity. As long as you send text messages containing your website’s URLs, you can easily track your SMS campaign’s performance. Google Analytics also lets you learn from mistakes and optimize your SMS marketing campaigns and conversion rates.

Google Analytics provides several insights such as:

  • Click-through rate
  • Number of clicks
  • Time spend
  • Number of new users
  • Keyword statistics

To track SMS campaigns, you need to set up Google Analytics for your website. You can use the Google Tag Manager or install a tracking code on all of your pages.

You can append UTM parameters to the URLs you text to customers or prospects. UTM parameters are short text codes added to links or URLs that help track your SMS campaign’s performance. When someone clicks a URL with UTM parameters, Google Analytics receives the tags for tracking.

Use reliable SMS campaign tools

The market is full of handy tools with dozens of features that you can rely on to track the performance of an SMS campaign. It’s essential to choose a tool that can help you track your ROI, personalize messages, segment audiences, and meet your business goals.

One such tool is Winback, a unified SMS marketing platform that helps you manage SMS campaigns effectively. It’s ideal for small-to-medium enterprises using Shopify. Winback is perfect for:

  • Post-purchase upselling
  • Solving browser abandonment
  • Recovering abandoned carts
  • Improving your ROI proactively

Winback is a highly reliable SMS marketing tool for managing your SMS campaigns. It’s easy to set up and helps maximize your ROI seamlessly. Also, it has an easy-to-learn process, you won’t have to spend time learning how to track your SMS campaign performance.

Track metrics and KPIs

To achieve a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Some of the top metrics and KPIs to measure are:

Delivery rate

SMS delivery rate is the ratio of delivered texts to the total number of sent texts. A high delivery rate means your messages reach the intended people.

Tracking your SMS delivery rate can help you gain a deeper understanding of your contact list. A low delivery rate can mean either of the following:

  • Landline numbers in your contact list
  • Spams filters
  • Carrier errors
  • Low-quality networks

Therefore, it’s essential to keep tabs on these metrics to help detect issues in real-time.

List growth rate

The list growth rate is simply the rate at which your subscriber list has grown. An increasing list growth rate means your marketing efforts are paying off and vice versa. Tracking this metric allows you to detect if some prospects have unsubscribed or gone cold.

Conversion rate

This is the percentage of people who take a desired action against the total number of sent messages. Conversion rate is critical, especially if you’re running an abandoned cart campaign. A high conversion rate means you have an excellent SMS CTA.

Attrition rate

Also known as the unsubscribe rate, the attrition rate is the percentage of subscribers who’ve opted out of your SMS campaign. Subscribers opt out when the messages are irrelevant or misleading or if they’re simply not interested in your product. You should observe the attrition rate and find out why people are opting out. Otherwise, you may end up losing lots of valuable prospects.


ROI measures the return on investment of your SMS marketing campaign. It is the number of times the net sales overrun the total investment. Since a marketing campaign is continuous, ROI allows you to streamline your campaign for better results.

Improve your SMS marketing campaign with Winback

There you have handy ways on how to track your SMS campaign performance. Measuring and analyzing the performance of your SMS marketing campaign is crucial to getting the best out of your investment. The above tips in tandem with a reliable marketing tool will help you improve your marketing campaign.

At Winback, we provide the best platform to help you run a successful campaign. Start your free trial or contact us to get started.