How You Can Reach Abandoned Cart Customers on Shopify?

December 5, 2022 Julio Romero

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How You Can Reach Abandoned Cart Customers on Shopify?

Winback Team on Jul 9, 2021 4:23:23 PM

The typical process of buying a product from an e-commerce store involves browsing through the website, comparing product features and prices, and finally checking out. But there is a caveat in this typical process as sometimes buyers add some products to the cart that they do not end up buying.


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In fact, Baymard Institute studied the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate from 2006 through 2020 in various studies and identified the average rate as 69.80 percent. Even Statista has data n abandoned carts and the figures show a grave scenario for e-commerce store owners. For the year 2020, the global cart abandonment rate stood at 88.05 percent, as reported by Statista. There are a variety of reasons because of which shoppers do not go ahead with the purchase even after adding the products to their cart. Let’s explore them below.

Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Before we learn how store owners using e-commerce platforms like Shopify can reach their abandoned cart customers, it is imperative to understand why customers abandon the cart in the first place. Baymard Institute has identified high additional costs like shipping fees or tax to be the most popular reason for cart abandonment. Other factors include the requirement for account creation, complicated check-out process, hidden charges, technical errors on the website, lack of trust for sharing credit card details, slow delivery, return policy, insufficient payment methods, and declined payment.

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Reaching the Customers

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Why don’t we begin with the Shopify guidelines itself to know how Shopify users can reduce their abandoned carts. After all, the Shopify team knows what they are talking about! Shopify has laid down several guidelines and instructions for sellers to reduce the abandoned cart volume. Keeping the check-out process simple, ensuring the site is secured with a valid SSL certificate and compliant with applicable privacy regulations to overcome security concerns, and picking the right moment while inviting buyers to create an account are some of the steps businesses can take for avoiding cart abandonment.

Even then, cart abandonment is inevitable. Let us study how Shopify store owners can reach customers who abandoned their carts.

Email Marketing

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Let’s begin with the obvious means a Shopify store owner can use to reach out to shoppers having abandoned carts on their stores – Email Marketing. Integrate Shopify with your email service provider (ESP) for constant contact with customers. Shopify Help Center details a manual and an automated process of sending a recovery email to customers after they have abandoned their check-out.

The email will trigger whenever a customer adds a product to the Shopify cart but does not complete the purchase. The email allows the customers to complete their check-out if they choose to do so. As a seller, either you can send custom messages to recover abandoned carts while sending emails manually, or you may send email templates by simply adding a logo or changing the color scheme to encourage them to complete their purchases. It is noteworthy that abandoned cart recovery emails sent within an hour of abandonment have a recovery rate of 20.3 percent and the ones sent within 24 hours have a conversion rate of 17.7 percent.

Best Practices – Abandoned Cart Recovery Via Email

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The subject line of the email must be very compelling. It should trigger the click that opens the abandoned cart recovery email. An attractive offer or email content will not hold relevance if the customer never opens the email.

The content of the Shopify abandoned cart email should depend on the reason for an incomplete purchase. Your email should adopt a problem-solution approach for best results. For instance, a customer might find a discount attractive in case of discontent with shipping charges associated with the purchase; however, a discount may not be a good idea if the customer has concerns over security.

The call-to-action should be very clear and the incentive offered to the customer to come back and complete the purchase should align with the reason for cart abandonment.

Always ensure that the messaging should reflect that customers can reach out to you easily. Offer help and share valuable information for long-term customer engagement.

SMS Marketing – The Go-to Way to Reach Abandoned Cart Customers

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With a whopping 98 percent open rate and 46 percent conversion rate, SMS is a worthy reminder channel for connecting with abandoned cart customers. It is noteworthy that while messages sent one hour after the Shopify cart abandonment generate an average of 41 percent click-through rate, you can receive an average of 25 percent click-through rate after 10 minutes and an average of 27 percent click-through rate after two hours. Yes, you read that right. But it is crucial that you opt for the best SMS marketing service provider to recover abandoned carts.

Now when it comes to Shopify and the e-commerce space as a whole, there is no one who does SMS marketing better than Winback. With four cost-effective plans, you can benefit from the SMS marketing service of Winback without burning a hole in your pocket. As for pricing, our plans begin at a mere $59 per month and allows you to send up to 3500 SMS per month. Winback’s top-most plan offers 115,000 SMS per month and comes with a plethora of features. Depending on the size of your store’s operations and sales volume, you can pick one of our plans that meets your needs.

You must be wondering that why is Winback, the best SMS marketing service provider for Shopify store owners. Well, with Winback, you can recover up to 34% of your abandoned carts. Wonderful, right? Not only that, Shopify store owners receive ROI up to 35X on every dollar that they spend on Winback. To discuss how Winback can help your Shopify store, send us a message via the live chat option on the website. If you prefer to talk to the Winback team through email, you can drop us an email. Reach out to us today!

Best Practices – Abandoned Cart Recovery Via SMS

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Personalize your messages for better customer engagement. Include information like the customer’s name and product details in the reminders to recover the abandoned cart.

As a seller, you must include a URL in the SMS messages to make the revisiting process convenient for the customer. Offer an exclusive discount or coupon that encourages your customer to revisit the cart and complete the purchase.

SMS messages have a 160-character limit. As a Shopify store owner, you must ensure that the creative and crisp messaging sent to recover the abandoned cart grabs the attention. Remember, SMS is a permission-based communication channel. You must adhere to compliance and include an easy opt-out procedure for discontinuing future communications.

Other Tactics to Reach Abandoned Cart Customers

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As a Shopify store owner, you can grab your customers’ attention before they leave by using an exit-intent pop-up. When a visitor is about to leave without completing the purchase, you can entice the customers with an exit-intent pop-up discount or promotional offer and encourage them to purchase the previously added product.

Using retargeting ads is tremendously effective for reaching out to abandoned cart customers. With the help of a small piece of code or plugin embedded in your online store, you can target ads of the products left behind in the cart on their social media accounts.

Push notifications are another effective way of communicating to shoppers who have abandoned their Shopify cart. You can integrate plugins like Firepush or use a push notification app from the Shopify app store. Create relevant content for your notification that invites the customer to complete the purchase. Finally, set reminders when you would like the push notifications to go out.

Several Shopify applications help you reduce abandonment in different ways. While some applications send automatic emails to those customers who left without completing the order, others display a section where the user can enter their email for you to send their cart to their inbox, and you have the products at hand. These applications offer easy installation, easy customization, and much more.

Customers who have abandoned carts at your Shopify store are your warmest leads. Consider good old-fashioned personal outreach. While apps and plugins can automate reaching out via emails, push notifications, and messages, there is nothing like personally reaching out to shoppers to know why they did not complete the purchase and what you can do to help. Contacting them via phone might allow you to resolve the problem at hand. It also ensures a personal touch that gives you a competitive edge over others by encouraging brand loyalty and customer engagement.

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