New Winback Features and Performance Upgrade

Winback Team on Apr 20, 2022 10:22:07 AM Here at Winback, we’re always hard at work trying to improve our app and adding new features. Today we’re excited to announce two new features that help you recover even more lost sales and a performance upgrade to increase app performance and reliability. Let’s check out the new features!

Restock Alerts

This feature notifies users when their requested product comes back in stock. You can set SMS settings on the “Restock Alert” tab. If this feature is enabled, a “Notify me when in stock” button is shown when a customer visits an out-of-stock product. "Notify me when in stock" button Clicking that button opens a popup, where customers can enter their phone number and schedule the alert for that product. Signup for notification popup When the product comes back in stock, all scheduled users are sent a notification based on the available inventory on a first-come, first-served basis.

Product Inclusions/Exclusions for Browser Abandonment Popup

With this feature, you can exclude or include specific products you want the popup to show. You can find its settings in the “Browser Abandons” tab. Browser Abandons Product Inclusions/Exclusions By default, the option to “DEFINE EXCEPTIONS FOR THE POPUP“ is off. Turning it on will display the exclude and include options as well as the product selector button. By default “Exclude” option is enabled. The products that are selected under this option will not have a browser abandoned popup. If no product is selected it means all products can have a browser abandoned popup. On the other hand, only the products that are selected under the “Include” option will have a browser abandoned popup. If no product is selected it means no products will have a browser abandoned popup. These features are just another reason why you should give Winback a try. We help Shopify stores recover abandoned carts with the power of SMS.Sign up for a free trial now. Topics: Product Updates

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