30+ SMS Marketing Tips, Templates & Examples for Father’s Day Sales

Jairene Cruz-Eusebio on Jun 8, 2021 10:46:20 AM Father’s Day, the one day dedicated to all the loving and awesome fathers out there. This is not just a holiday but also a chance to increase your sales if you play your cards right. Every third Sunday of June, people want to get gifts for their beloved fathers. Father’s day is not a very festive holiday like Christmas where plans are made ahead of time. Even if you create an SMS campaign at the last minute, you’re sure to benefit from this.

Tips to Creating Holiday-Related SMS Promotions

Customers from the US alone are estimated to spend over seventeen billion dollars with an average spend of $150 during this holiday. How then can you use this to increase the sales of your business? Well here are some tips to set you on the right path:
  • Take a Personal Approach

When you make your promotional messages more personal it creates a sense of connection between you and your subscribers. You can use this to leverage the Fathers Day sales by showing them you care about the bonds they share with their families. Take this approach by adding their first names to your promotional messages. It’s sure to create that connection you need. When it comes to SMS Marketing, some services allow you to insert dynamic insertion into the message. With Shopify, the code to insert the customer’s first name is {billing_address.first_name}. The code can also depend on your SMS Marketing service if you are using one other than Shopify’s default. For instance, here at Winback, the code we use to insert the customer’s first name is {FIRST_NAME}.
  • Take note of the Situation

Sometimes, the situation surrounding holidays can be really severe or quite enjoyable. You should always be aware of the state of the environment before making your promotional SMS. Take the COVID pandemic, for instance, the effects are still felt on the daily lives of the people, so because of this situation, your messages should help your subscribers pick the perfect gift online for their fathers. Tell them they have the option to have their purchase wrapped as a gift and sent directly to their parent’s home.
  • Your Offers should have Good Value

No matter how great your SMS is, if what you offer is not valuable then it will fail to get any sales. Make sure you state the benefits and value of your offer to shoppers clearly if you want them to purchase from your store. Most importantly, make your offers hard to resist by focusing on the benefits.
  • Make it Urgent

When your offers have great value and are time-sensitive you’ll very likely see your sales go up the roof. No one likes missing out on good stuff. To add a sense of urgency to SMS, make use of phrases like “limited-time offers” to make shoppers fear missing out on something good.
  • Add a Little Humour

Father’s day is the perfect time to crack up some dad jokes. Adding some humor to your SMS would not only make your subscribers laugh but also move them to make purchases.
  • Use coupon codes unique to your SMS Marketing

Discount codes have always been a great way to entice customers to make a purchase. But if you’ll be providing coupon codes, make sure the ones you’ll be using for SMS promotions are different from those from other sources, such as social media and email marketing. This way, you can effectively pinpoint where the conversion came from.   The final thing you need to know before creating a Father’s Day campaign is to put yourself in the mindset of Fathers’ day shoppers. What do fathers want? You can carry out marketing research to know what sold well last time or what themes attracted the most customers. With this knowledge, you will be able to craft an outstanding campaign with huge profit potential.

36 Father’s Day SMS Templates Based on Products and Marketing Angles

Now that the tips are out of the way, let’s look at some of the best Fathers day SMS templates you can use to implement these tips.

1. Gift Sets – Based Templates

  Not everyone wants to get just one gift for their fathers, this is a great opportunity to promote gift sets. This allows shoppers to buy a collection of gifts rather than shop for each item individually. Besides, gift sets are one of the best ways to eliminate shopping stress on Fathers day so if your offer has great value, you’ll be sure to witness a huge leap in sales. Here are some templates to help you make yours. Template 1: Father’s Day Limited Sale For You! Pick the Ultimate Gift set for your dad at irresistible discounts! (Site URL) Text STOP to opt-out. Template 2: Hey (First name), save 40% on a shaving gift set your dad will never forget. Don’t miss out on this offer to give your dad the best father’s day present. (Site URL) Text STOP to opt-out. Template 3: Hi (First name), hurry now and browse our collection of gifts to make your Father smile and enjoy a limited-time offer of 50% on your first purchase. (Site URL) Text STOP to opt-out. Template 4: Do you like Dad Jokes, (First name)? Get your customizable gift set at our store at a limited-time offer of a 30% discount. (Site URL) Text STOP to opt-out.   You can also add some visuals to your offers to make them spark even more. MMS is a great way to achieve this and you can use a picture of what you’re offering. 2. Discount-Based Templates Discounts are very important when it comes to holiday sales. Usually, the store with the best discount offer gets the most sales. Fathers Day merchants should try offering shoppers irresistible discounts but not necessarily at their own expense. People always want to get good value for the lowest price possible, so if you have that item with great value, consider throwing in some discounts to increase the sales you get for the period. Here are templates you can use when making promotional offers with discounts. Template 1: Hey (First Name), Don’t miss out on our 50% discount on all items in our store this Father’s Day. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: You don’t have to spend so much to get the perfect Dad gift. Come shop with us and get the best value at a limited-time 40% discount price. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Make this Father’s day special for your dad with our special discounted items. Get the best value at a lesser price. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Father’s day is coming! Time to get that special gift for your special dad. Check out our top recommendations at a 30% discounted price. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 3. Style and Fashion-Based Templates Father’s day is more than the traditional tie and shirts. Shoppers will be looking to expand their options to include full outfits or lines of classic shirts and dad shorts. If you specialize in the fashion niche, then this is a great opportunity to increase your sales. To leverage this, make your offers help shoppers pick out the best clothes and outfits and save them the stress of browsing through endless pages of items. You can also make recommendations for awesome outfits and accessories in your SMS. Here are some templates that can easily fit your fashion brand’s offer. Template 1: Make your dad smell like Summer’s breath with our top selections of fragrances. Discounts of up to 30% for this week only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Hey (First name), Don’t know what outfit to get for dad this father’s day? Don’t worry! Browse our top outfit recommendations to find the perfect outfit to make your dad smile. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Let your Dad enjoy his fresh looks with our latest collection of classic dazzling shirts. Discounts of up 20% with free shipping included this week only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Make your Father’s special day stylish with these selections of summer shades. Don’t miss out on the 30% discount today only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 4. Hobbies and Interests – Based Templates With the effects of the pandemic still heavily affecting our lives, and activities now limited to homes and immediate surroundings, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for dad. Some shoppers would want gifts relating to their father’s hobbies and interests to make indoor activities even better. It could be exercise equipment, gardening tools, gadgets, grooming kits, and even backyard barbeque sets. Here are some templates to help you create dad-oriented offers. Template 1: Hey (First name), browse through our top Father’s day collection of gadgets for your techie dad. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Give your dad the pleasure of a delicious barbeque with our latest bundles of grilling sets. Get a discount of 30% on your first order + free shipping this week only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Make your Dad’s special day a cornucopia of happiness with our top collection of gardening tools. Get an amazing 10% discount on any toolset you want. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Hi (Firstname) is your dad a clean shaver, or a neat beard guy? Get the perfect gift for his special day by selecting from our bundles of awesome grooming kits. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 5. Subscription-Based Templates Subscriptions are other ways to help your shoppers appreciate their Father’s hobbies and interests. Subscription services can help dads improve their gardening skills, cooking skills, and even create different and exciting skills. This is a great way to help shoppers give their dads a better way to cope with the quarantine. Subscriptions can include anything from cooking recipes, music masterclass, or even fun games. Basically, anything you can think of has a subscription plan, it’s up to you to decide what’s most likely to be the best for your shoppers and give you the most profit. Here are some templates that fit this context. Template 1: Take your dad’s cooking game to the next level by subscribing to our daily cooking tips and recipes at a 20% discount this week! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Keep your dad entertained with our monthly book subscription and make his father’s day more than just a day’s event. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Hey (Firstname), it is your turn to take the lead and keep your dad’s gardening skills at their peak by subscribing him to our special monthly gardening tips and tools. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Hi (Firstname) Give your dad the best and sharpest looks with our special grooming kits subscriptions. A 20% discount available this week only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 6. Drinks and Beverages Based Templates Drinks and beverages are other categories you can leverage during Father’s day sales. Some fathers would prefer a bottle of sparkling wine while others might just love to kick back with some beer. To profit from this, your SMS should promote the best drinks most likely to be bought as a special gift for dads. If you offer a very good value then you will surely make some sales. Here are some templates to help you profit from this category. Template 1: Make your father’s day sparkle by giving him the best drink from our collection of tasty wines and beverages. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Hey (Firstname) is your Dad classy and likes to take a sip on a cool summer evening? Well, hurry now and select from our top Wine collections at a 40% discount this week! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Make your dad remember his special day by giving him the best alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from our top selections at a discounted price. Hurry and get him one!! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Your dad deserves a good drink. Pick from our selection of tasty beverages at a special discounted price this week only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 7. Accessories-Based Templates Back to the fashion niche, Outfits are not the only things that make a great gift on fathers day. Accessories also put up some competition. Accessories for dads can include watches, glasses, cufflinks, and even wallets. Shoppers who want to appreciate their dads with their favorite accessories will definitely come looking for the best offer. Here are some corresponding templates to help you create good promotional messages. Template 1: Give your dad the classy look by selecting from our collection of smartwatches. Free shipping included this week only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Hey (Firstname), want to get the perfect shades for the perfect dad? Shop from our top recommendations at a special discounted price. Discount available this week only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Complete your dad’s favorite formal wear with our top cufflink bundles and make his special day last forever. Free shipping included for your first offer this week only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Time to change your dad’s wallet? Give him a special way to keep his cash and cards on this special day! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 8. Customizable or Personalized Items Based Templates Customizable wear and items are other areas that can be leveraged during Father’s day sales. Shoppers might want to customize “World’s best dad” on a Plain Tee or mug. Some might even want a whole set of customized items just for their dads. There are a lot of items that can be customized and profiting from this largely depends on how good your offer is and not necessarily on the item to be customized. Here are some templates to help you properly profit from this area. Template 1: Make your dad feel special with shirts and mugs with his name on it! Personalized orders accepted until the 15th only, so order now! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Put a smile on your dad’s face by customizing the best dad jokes on a T-shirt at a 40% discount this holiday! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Hey (Firstname), looking for some epic customizable gift sets? Check out our items available for personalization at a special discounted price. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: Customize your special gift for your dad today and make it even more special at a 20% discount price. Free shipping is included for this week only. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. 9. Food-Based Templates Delicacies and pastries also get a lot of sales on Father’s Day. Some dads like to enjoy delicacies and tasty treats while some shoppers want to go all out for their dads by buying a lot of food for a little celebration. Point is, Foods are usually in high demand in these periods both as gifts and meals. Here are templates that fit this offer. Template 1: Spark your Dad’s taste buds with our cornucopia of delicious treats and special Father’s day delicacies. (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 2: Get your Dad the perfect Father’s Day Cake and customize it for free to make it even more special. Enjoy a 30% discount on all cake orders and free shipping this week only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. Template 3: Hi (first name) get a 40% discount on all take-outs and pizzas this holiday. Use the coupon code DADTREAT to get the discount at (site name). Text stop to opt-out. Template 4: is Dad a foodie? Treat him to our top selection of Father’s day delicacies to make his taste buds jingle. Enjoy a 10% discount on all orders today only! (Site URL) Text stop to opt-out. With these 36 Father’s day promotional SMS templates given above, you’re sure to create outstanding messages with high sales potential. You can quickly copy any of these and start a Winback SMS Campaign in a matter of minutes.

Father’s Day SMS Campaign Examples

We’ve given you the templates above based on the category of your business or products, and even angles you can use. This time around, have a look at a few great ways to get your customers to stick around, complete a purchase, or even to think of you for future purchases.
  • Join The Club
Father’s day is not just an opportunity to shoot your sales through the roof, but also a chance to increase your database by collecting important customer information. Once shoppers “Join your club” you can continue to make sales even after the event. Here is an example of an SMS that makes use of this to get customers. < Thank you for joining Tommy Bahama’s VIP club! Stay subscribed for great Father’s day offers and much more> <Enjoy a 20% discount when you buy any item on our site today! So make sure you give your dad a treat! https://nxt.to/j6vier>
  • Personalized Gifts
You can always get personal with your SMS by including a subject and an image. This means changing your SMS to an MMS and adding your subscriber’s name to add that personal touch. Here is an example. <Customize your plain t-shirts for free on Father’s day! (image) Hey Fred! Buy any of our fashion plain t-shirts and customize them for free! Only available for a limited time. Use this link to make your purchase now: https://nxt.to/9jvier>
  • Virtual Gifts
Not everyone can enjoy Father’s day with their dad. You can include virtual gifts such as gift cards and virtual cards. If you can, add a variety of gifts that can be shared virtually. Here is a good example: < If you can’t be with your dad this year, visit our store at https://nxt.to//y89vier to browse through our bundles of virtual gifts and experiences to send to Dad this year. Let Dad know just how special he is>
  • Keyword Campaigns
Keyword campaigns offer a specific gift guide to your subscribers using unique SMS keywords. Once a customer replies with a keyword you can then proceed to offer the best gifts related to that keyword. Here is an example: < Hi Emily, Don’t know what to get Dad on Father’s day? Let us help! Reply with any of these words that best describe your dad and we will send the best offers and gift ideas: Formal, Classy, Beard, Funny, Cook, Handy, Oldschool> Here is the SMS that follows when your customer picks a keyword: < Great pick! Here are some offers to keep Dad in the best formal outfit for months: https://nxt.to/8tvier >  

Craft your Father’s Day SMS Campaign Now

No matter what shoppers want to purchase, there is always a product or service that fits just right. Make sure you research what offers make the most sales so that your marketing efforts can be adjusted accordingly. Follow the given tips to create an epic campaign. Make good use of the templates that fit your offer to get a lot of traffic to your online store. If you have nothing planned for this coming Father’s day, let these templates and examples give you the inspiration you need to get started. If this sounds interesting but overwhelming, don’t worry; we have a team ready to help create an amazing campaign just for you. Send us a message or get started today by choosing any of our available plans. Topics: SMS Marketing, Fathers Day

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